They laughed at Pandora and said that music streaming would never take off. They scoffed at Netflix and said that movie streaming would never last. Does anyone really want to bet against game streaming?

At NVIDIA, we believe that the future of video games is streaming because of the overwhelming consumer preference for the convenience, value, and instant access capability provided by cloud streaming to all types of digital media on multiple platforms. That’s why we invented NVIDIA GRID for cloud gaming.

Game streaming services based on GRID are already up and running at major broadband ISPs in France, Korea, and Japan—with pilots running in many other countries. We firmly believe that 2014 will be a defining year for game streaming—and now is the time to get in on the ground floor.

Did you also know that GRID is now hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in five data centers around the world and can be rented for as little as $0.75/hour—or about the price of a Snickers bar? Check it out here .

NVIDIA GRID - Game Streaming at GDC14

At GDC 2014 this year, NVIDIA will showcase the latest GRID technology streaming games to multiple client devices in our booth. And our leading GRID architect and developer relations experts will give a presenation:  Cloud Architectures, Onboarding, and Game Streaming with NVIDIA GRID on Thursday, March 20 at 10:00am in West Hall, Room #2004.

During the GRID presentation on Thursday, not only will you learn about the latest cloud gaming technology and the innovations that have occurred over the last three years, but also about the exciting potential the next few years represent as Moore’s law is applied to GPUs in the cloud and consumer bandwidth continues to increase.

The second half of the GRID presentation will be like a workshop where we show you how to use the GRID SDK to load a game onto an AWS G2 instance and start streaming. Participants will be eligible to get special support from NVIDIA’s Developer Technology team to prototype streaming their game on AWS and have the opportunity to list their game on the GRID California beta and field test streaming to 10,000 users. Sign up as a registered developer, and download the GRID SDK here.

If you are in the games industry, game streaming is an inflection point in the consumption of video games that you do not want to miss. Don’t be Blockbuster. Come to the NVIDIA GRID cloud gaming session and learn how to be Netflix for games. For more details about the sponsored session click here.