Allinea DDT with Cuda is an intuitive graphical debugger that works at the scale you do – from a single workstation to large sized cluster. It combines an intuitive user interface that adapts automatically to the size of your task.

With the support for the latest toolkits from NVIDIA, Allinea DDT with CUDA gives you a comprehensive and scalable resource for debugging CPU and GPU threads on the same screen.

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Key Features

  • Full MPI support - view GPU and CPU threads simultaneously over many nodes
  • Debugging GPU and CPU
    • Browse source, examine variables, control processes and threads
    • View all threads in parallel stack view with click for thread selection
    • Set breakpoints or stop on kernel launch
    • Control CUDA warps
    • DDT displays variables using Smart Highlighting for CUDA storage classes
      • Built in to natively support your programming environment
  • Languages supported:
    • OpenACC Directives
    • HMPP from Caps-Enterprise
    • PGI Accelerator
    • CRAY compiler


Allinea DDT with CUDA is available now.

Free 30 day trial license can be downloaded from

For more information about Allinea DDT and other CUDA tools: