Vulkan Video provides developers the choice of a powerful new video processing API by integrating hardware accelerated video compression and decompression into the Vulkan open standard GPU API from the Khronos Group. NVIDIA is expanding its commitment and support for Vulkan Video with tools and samples to help applications efficiently harness this significant new functionality.

TheVulkan API enables applications with flexible, low-level GPU acceleration, including fine-grained control over scheduling, synchronization, and memory allocation. Vulkan Video seamlessly integrates hardware-accelerated stream compression and decompression with the full power of Vulkan. This enables developers to combine GPU rendering and compute acceleration with video processing within a single efficient run time.

Vulkan Video opens new opportunities for applications such as inferencing and training for machine learning, video editing, intelligent video analytics, video transcoding, game and movie streaming, and even virtualized desktop experiences. As a significant added benefit, Vulkan Video is the industry’s first cross-platform video acceleration API, enabling software portability across multiple operating systems and hardware vendors—a significant win for developers seeking to expand the market reach of their rich media applications and engines.

NVIDIA System Requirements

Please refer to the table below for more details.

NVIDIA driver NVIDIA Windows display driver - 550.23 or newer
NVIDIA Linux display driver - 550.40.07 or newer
Get most recent NVIDIA Display Driver
Supported NVIDIA GPUs Pascal and above
Supported operating systems Windows and Linux

The latest SDK from Vulkan can be downloaded from here.

NV Vulkan Video Samples on Github

As a low-level API, Vulkan Video provides granular control over the efficient use of system resources by applications and middleware. This enables sophisticated application-level control of functionality that previously could only be implemented by drivers.

To aid the rapid development of Vulkan Video-based applications, NVIDIA’s Vulkan Video samples provide a collection of prototype applications and libraries that illustrate how to effectively implement a range of video use cases that coordinated compute, graphics, and display interaction, including video stream encoding in h.264 and h.265. Additional samples, including video transcoding and game engine encoding, as well as AV1 decoding and encoding, are in development. The Vulkan Video samples can be accessed here.


Vulkan Video Documentation

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