NVIDIA Virtual Reality Capture and Replay (VCR) enables developers and users to accurately capture and replay VR sessions for performance testing, scene troubleshooting, and more. The tool records time-stamped HMD and controller inputs during an immersive VR session. The user can then replay the recording, without an HMD attached, to precisely reproduce the session.

This is an early access program available to a limited number of applicants. We are seeking early users who are interested in helping test VCR and provide feedback on how it can be improved. Please register or log in using your company email credentials to help us evaluate and grant access. We thank you for your patience as we expand this program.

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Multiple avatars captured in three separate sessions of Autodesk VRED, then replayed simultaneously using VCR.

NVIDIA VCR 1.0 Now Available

VCR Key Benefits

Accurate & Painless VR Session Playback

Accurately record and playback VR user inputs. This is especially useful for performance testing and quality control.

Less Development Time in the Headset

Save time and cut steps from development by avoiding the need to jump in and out of the HMD.

Multi-Role Recordings from a Single Headset

Sequentially capture multiple roles in the same VR scene using a single HMD. Replay the recordings simultaneously to simulate collaboration.

VCR Use Cases

Easily capture and replay VR sessions for performance testing, scene QA, and more.

Performance Testing

Use NVIDIA VCR for performance testing.

Scene Troubleshooting

Use NVIDIA VCR for scene troubleshooting and QA..

UX: Host/Instructor

Use NVIDIA VCR for UX: Host/Instructor..


Use NVIDIA VCR for partner collaboration.

VCR Key Features


  • Record VR HMD and controller inputs
  • Configure capture frequency to specify how often data is sampled
  • Split tracking data into separate segments to repeat or remix sequences

Analyze / Edit

  • Read and write recorded sessions using the VCR API
  • C++ API lets developers analyze the session, clean up data, or re-time HMD motion paths


  • Modify display resolution and refresh rate of the emulated HMD
  • Modify any hardware properties as JSON files
  • Enable or disable VSync. The application can run freely if needed, ungated from the display refresh rate
  • Replay tracking data segments in any order

VCR Resources

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Hear the latest insights from our partners using NVIDIA VCR in their extended reality (XR) development.

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Get a quick overview of VCR early product use cases.

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