Univa® Grid Engine™ Software

Grid Engine software is an industry-leading distributed resource management (DRM) system used by hundreds of companies worldwide to build large compute cluster infrastructures for processing massive volumes of workload. A highly scalable and reliable DRM system, Grid Engine software enables companies to produce higher-quality products, reduce time to market, and streamline and simplify the computing environment.

Key Features:

  • Priority and Utilization Policies
  • Dynamic resource and Capacity Management
  • GPGPU Support
  • Multi-Core Processor Binding
  • Data Analytics Support via Hadoop Integration
  • Hybrid Cloud Enablement
  • Leading Edge Scalability and Performance
  • Nonstop Cluster Reconfiguration
  • Flexible Workload Types

Performance Data:

Univa® Grid Engine™ Software enables clusters to take optimal advantage of GPGPUs by providing an integrated vier of CPU and GPU resource information.


Univa® Grid Engine™ Software is available now.

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