Triton provides real-time visual simulation of the ocean and bodies of water for games, simulation, and training applications. Through the use of CUDA and cuFFT, Triton simulates thousands of waves at once at hundreds of frames per second, providing realistic ocean and water in virtual environments. In addition to 3D water and waves, Triton also renders ship wakes and spray effects consistent with any wind conditions or Beaufort scale specified.

Key Features

  • Renders 3D infinite oceans or shades user-drawn meshes for smaller bodies of water, using GPGPU-accelerated Fast-Fourier Transforms in real-time
  • Simulates waves from any given wind conditions and water depth
  • Ship wakes with 3D Kelvin wakes and propeller backwash effects rendered in a single pass
  • Particle-based spray effects in high seas
  • Available for C++ or C# developers on Windows or Linux
  • Works with OpenGL, DirectX, and many popular scene graphs and engines
  • Supports flat-Earth and geocentric coordinate systems
  • Works with planar and environmental reflection maps
  • Accurate Fresnel refraction effects


Over 200 frames per second have been measured on consumer-class hardware with NVIDIA GPUs, with infinite ocean sceene powered by Triton.


A free evaluation SDK and demo are available. Get yours today.

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