Quadro® Experience™ (QXP) is a gateway to powerful software that enhances your NVIDIA Quadro® graphics card. QXP makes it easy to access the latest NVIDIA software features, AI graphics tools, versatile screen capture and recording capabilities, and gaming features.

Whether you’re a content creator, designer, architect, or business professional, the QXP toolset will augment your workflow and boost your productivity. Implement the latest software features with notifications about the newest drivers. Leverage pro screen capture and recording tools to share and collaborate with others. Enhance your graphics workflow with the most current AI technology. When the work is done, or when you need a little break, you can even switch the persona of your Quadro to drive top gaming titles.

Driver Updates

Driver engineering and development are always happening at NVIDIA. QXP is your prime source for automatic driver update alerts to improve performance, increase stability, and expand feature sets. QXP also provides driver highlights to help you determine whether an immediate update is warranted, including the option to download and install from within QXP.

NGX Updates

As NVIDIA NGX technology is updated it becomes more accurate and powerful over time. QXP seamlessly supplies the updated neural networks directly to your RTX GPU enabled system. QXP enables installed NGX features to utilize the latest enhancements to the deep learning technology stack.

Screen Capture and Record

Share and collaborate with ease through QXP’s screen capture and recording tools. The on-screen QXP display provides quick access 4K screenshot and desktop video recording (H.264) features in a singlecapture/record application. For capturing spontaneous creativity, QXP’s “Instant Replay” feature instantly records up to the last 20 minutes of desktop activity.

Video content can be directly uploaded to YouTube, Google, and other service providers for convenient sharing. You can also broadcast your desktop to multiple viewers to share presentations, training, and other contentlive.


All work and no play? Let’s hope not! QXP includes a switch to access games and gaming features on your Quadro GPU. You can also access features similarly offered through GeForce Experience, such as Ansel, Freestyle, and gaming rewards.

Early Access Program

If you are interested in testing out our BETA release, please sign up below. We will be giving priority to NGX developers and slowly expanding the roll out over the next few months. Thank you for your patience.

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