GTC 2020: NVIDIA Isaac SIM — Amazing Robot Models and Tasks Simulated in Isaac Sim 2020.1

Tech Demo Team, NVIDIA
GTC 2020
During the GTC 2020 virtual keynote, NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang demonstrated the industry’s first robotic AI development platform with simulation, navigation and manipulation.
The first scene is a model of NVIDIA's Kaya robot pushing around rigid bodies and also soft-body beach balls; second, a model manipulator picks up a bin with a suction cup, and the behavior of the suction cup is demonstrated by dropping heavy items into the bin -- the viewer will notice the bin move in response to the impulses caused by the objects landing in it; third, the manipulator stacks bins, and the model manipulator is shown connected to the Isaac SDK application. Lastly, you will see a demonstration of a model logistics #robot, transporting bins that were stacked on the pallet.
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