GTC 2020: NVIDIA Research: Prescription-Embedded AR Display

Tech Demo Team, NVIDIA
GTC 2020
This demo presents 'Prescription AR,' an NVIDIA Research project that won a SIGGRAPH 2019 'Best in Show Emerging Technology' award. Vision-correction is a big hurdle for daily AR display applications since more than 40% of the population requires additional eyewear in their everyday life. Prescription AR is a prescription-embedded fully customized AR display that is optimized for each user's vision, facial structure and taste of fashion. Based on Prescription AR optics, we present AR-convertible prescription glasses, dubbed as ModulAR. Since the user needs eyewear anyway while not watching AR contents, ModulAR can be switched from glasses-only mode (36.5g) to display mode (61.6g, without cable) easily without screws. The prototype provides binocular FHD images with 40°X20° FOV in a 6mm X 4mm eyebox.