University of Sydney Unveils a New GPU-accelerated Supercomputer to Fuel AI Research

Accelerated Computing, Cluster/Supercomputing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jun 07 2018

The University of Sydney recently installed a new GPU-accelerated supercomputer called Artemis 3 to further the university’s artificial intelligence research in the areas of geophysics, cosmology, genomics, proteomics, economics, transport logisti

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Enabling GPUs in the Container Runtime Ecosystem

Accelerated Computing, Accelerated Computing; Cloud Servcies, Cloud, CUDA, Linux - 64 bit

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jun 01 2018

NVIDIA uses containers to develop, test, benchmark, and deploy deep learning (DL) frameworks and HPC applications. We wrote about building and deploying GPU containers at scale using NVIDIA-Docker roughly two years ago.

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New Physics Research Aims to Answer the Mysteries of the Universe

Accelerated Computing, Features, Cluster/Supercomputing, Molecular Dynamics, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 31 2018

Physicists from more than a dozen institutions used the power of the GPU-accelerated Titan Supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to calculate a subatomic-scale physics problem of measuring the lifetime of neutrons.

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Evaluating the Performance of OpenACC in GCC

Accelerated Computing, OpenACC

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 31 2018

A new blog details the history of the OpenACC GCC implementation, its availability, and enhancements to OpenACC support in GCC.

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Nsight Systems Exposes New GPU Optimization Opportunities

Accelerated Computing, Game Development, CUDA, Development Tools and Libraries, GPU, NSight Systems, Profiling

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 30 2018

As GPU performance steadily ramps up, your application may be overdue for a tune-up to keep pace.

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HGX-2 Fuses HPC and AI Computing Architectures

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Cloud Services, Deep Learning, HGX-2 Volta V100

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 29 2018

The continuing explosive growth of AI model size and complexity means the appetite for more powerful compute solutions continues to accelerate rapidly.

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GPU-accelerated Supercomputer Helps Automatically Detect Skin Cancer

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cluster/Supercomputing, Computer Vision & Machine Vision, Image Processing, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 25 2018

Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia are using GPU-accelerated supercomputers and deep learning to diagnose skin cancer from histology slides with the same accuracy as a trained pathologist.   “Pathologists do an incredible job

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CUDA 9.2 Now Available

Accelerated Computing, Features, CUDA

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 21 2018

CUDA 9.2 includes updates to libraries, a new library for accelerating custom linear-algebra algorithms, and lower kernel launch latency.

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Improving Biomolecular Design with GPU-Accelerated Supercomputers

Accelerated Computing, Cluster/Supercomputing, Material Science, Molecular Dynamics, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 18 2018

For the first time ever, chemists from the University of California, San Diego designed a two-dimensional protein crystal simulation that toggles between states of varying porosity and density.

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Making Containers Easier with HPC Container Maker

Accelerated Computing, Containers, NVIDIA GPU Cloud, SuperComputing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 17 2018

Today’s groundbreaking scientific discoveries are taking place in high performance computing (HPC) data centers.

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