Introduction to Turing Mesh Shaders

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 17 2018

The Turing architecture introduces a new programmable geometric shading pipeline through the use of mesh shaders.

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NVIDIA Turing Architecture In-Depth

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 14 2018

Fueled by the ongoing growth of the gaming market and its insatiable demand for better 3D graphics, NVIDIA® has evolved the GPU into the world’s leading parallel processing engine for many computationally-intensive applications.

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NVIDIA TensorRT Inference Server Boosts Deep Learning Inference

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 12 2018

You’ve built, trained, tweaked and tuned your model. You finally create a TensorRT, TensorFlow or ONNX model that meets your requirements. Now you need an inference solution, deployable to a datacenter or to the cloud.

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NVIDIA GameWorks Wins Grand Prize at CEDEC AWARDS 2016

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 26 2016

NVIDIA GameWorks was awarded the CEDEC AWARDS 2016 Grand Prize, hosted this year at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

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