Hacking Ansel to Slash VR Rendering Times

Virtual Reality, Ansel, The PhoenIX, Unreal Engine

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 12 2018

Warrior9 VR team members started working on The PhoenIX – a sci-fi animated series in virtual reality (VR) — two years ago.

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Ansel Coffee Break: What is NVIDIA Ansel? (5:20 minutes)

Game Development, Ansel, Computer Graphics & Visualization, Development Tools & Libraries, Games

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 03 2018

Learn how CD Projekt Red integrated 150 lines of code, and wound up with more than 2 million Ansel photos of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt published! In this video, we explain the value of Ansel, and describes the product’s benefits to players.

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Coffee Break Series: NVIDIA Ansel

Game Development, Ansel, Development Tools and Libraries, game photography

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 02 2018

Coffee Break: NVIDIA Ansel NVIDIA Ansel is a powerful in-game camera that lets players take professional-grade photographs in their games.

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NVIDIA VRWorks support for Unity

GameWorks, VRWorks, VR, Ansel

David Coombes, posted Nov 02 2016

Today NVIDIA and Unity Technologies announced a pathway for developers who want to use VRWorks to accellerate rendering for VR applications developed using the Unity Game Engine.

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