Developer Spotlight: Automated Biomedical Image Annotation

Research, Cluster / Supercomputing, Developer Spotlight, Government / National Labs, Higher Education / Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 24 2017

Ishtar Nyawira, a data science intern at the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center shares how she is using deep learning and the GPU-accelerated Bridges supercomputer to automate the process of biological image annotation from high-resolution scanning elec

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Share Your Science: Analyzing Human Brain Connectivity with GPUs

Research, CUDA, Higher Education / Academia, Medical and Life Sciences, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience, Share Your Science, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 01 2016

Moises Hernandez Fernandez, PhD student at University of Oxford shares how GPUs are being used to accelerate the analysis of the human brain’s underlying anatomical and structural organization, which can lead to a better understanding of neurological

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Assessing Traumatic Brain Injuries with Deep Learning

News, Research, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical & Life Sciences, Neuroscience

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 25 2016

More than one million athletes experience a concussion each year in the United States.

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Your Brain’s Capacity is 10 Times Greater Than Earlier Expected

Research, GeForce, Medical and LifeSciences, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 08 2016

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and several collaborators used NVIDIA GPUs to create a highly detailed 3D digital reconstruction of tissue from a rat’s hippocampus, the memory center of the brain.

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