Mesh Shading: Three Things You Need to Know

Design & Visualization, Game Development, Visualization

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 13 2019

In this video, Manuel Kraemer, Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA, details the three most important things developers need to know about mesh shading.

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Visualizing Star Polymers in Record Time

Accelerated Computing, Design & Visualization, Cluster/Supercomputing, Computer Graphics & Visualization, CUDA, GeForce, Higher Education/Academia, Visualization

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 11 2018

In the last five minutes, you have probably come into contact with more polymers than you can count. In fact, they are everywhere; in grocery bags,  water bottles, phones, computers, food packaging, auto parts, tires, airplanes, and toys.

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GPU-Accelerated Cluster Helps Researchers Simulate the Spin of a Golf Ball

Accelerated Computing, Cluster/Supercomputing, Computer Graphics & Visualization, Computer Vision & Machine Vision, Visualization

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 03 2018

The professional golfer can hit a golf ball at a speed of 120 to 134 mph, resulting in a spin rate of 2800 to 3500 revolutions per minute, and a distance over 200 yards.

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