How Jet Built a GPU-Powered Fulfillment Engine with F# and CUDA

Features, .NET, Alea GPU, CUDA, F#

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 30 2017

Have you ever looked at your shopping list and tried to optimize your trip based on things like distance to store, price, and number of items you can buy at each store?

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Malware Detection in Executables Using Neural Networks

Features, Deep Learning, Malware Detection

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 21 2017

The detection of malicious software (malware) is an increasingly important cyber security problem for all of society. Single incidences of malware can cause millions of dollars in damage.

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Maximizing Unified Memory Performance in CUDA

Features, CUDA, memory, pascal, Unified Memory, Volta

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 19 2017

Many of today’s applications process large volumes of data. While GPU architectures have very fast HBM or GDDR memory, they have limited capacity. Making the most of GPU performance requires the data to be as close to the GPU as possible.

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Pro Tip: Pinpointing Runtime Errors in CUDA Fortran

Pro Tip, CUDA Fortran, Debugging, tools

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 16 2017

We’ve all been there. Your CUDA Fortran code is humming along and suddenly you get a runtime error: copyin, copyout, usually accompanied by FAILED in all caps.

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High-Performance GPU Computing in the Julia Programming Language

Features, Compilation, Julia, Languages

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 25 2017

Julia is a high-level programming language for mathematical computing that is as easy to use as Python, but as fast as C.

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