Video Series: Path Tracing for Quake II in Two Months

Game Development, 2080 Ti, Featured, GeForce, path tracing, Q2VKPT, Quake II, ray tracing, RTX, Turing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 24 2019

You wouldn’t know Quake II is now more than 20 years old when looking at the new RTX version. Path-traced reflections, shadows, and dynamic light sources bring the game’s cavernous environments to life.

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Job Statistics with NVIDIA Data Center GPU Manager and SLURM

Accelerated Computing, Data Center GPU Manager, DCGM, SLURM, System Management

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 13 2019

Resource management software, such as SLURM, PBS, and Grid Engine, manages access for multiple users to shared computational resources.

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GPU Support for AI Workloads in Red Hat OpenShift 4

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, CoreOS, Featured, GPU, Linux, machine learning and AI, OpenShift, plugin, Red Hat

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 09 2019

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform for managing Kubernetes clusters at scale, developed and supported by Red Hat.

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Using HashiCorp Nomad to Schedule GPU Workloads

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Containers, HashiCorp, machine learning and AI, Nomad, scheduling, Software Tools and Libraries, TensorRT, TesnorRT Server

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 06 2019

HashiCorp Nomad 0.9 introduces device plugins which support an extensible set of devices for scheduling and deploying workloads.

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Pro Tip: Improved GLSL syntax for Vulkan DescriptorSet Indexing

Design & Visualization, Game Development, DescriptorSet, GLSL, graphics programming, Pro Tip, ray tracing, Software Tools and Libraries, Vulkan

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 29 2019

Sometimes the evolution of programming languages creates situations where “simple” tasks take a bit more complexity to express. Syntax annoyance slows down development or can negatively affect readability of code during maintenance.

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