Solving SpaceNet Road Detection Challenge With Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence, Features, Deep Learning, Object Detection

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 20 2018

It’s that time again — SpaceNet raised the bar in their third challenge to detect road-networks in overhead imagery around the world.

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The Peak-Performance Analysis Method for Optimizing Any GPU Workload

Game Development, DX11, DX12, GameWorks, HBAO+, Nsight Visual Studio Edition, OpenGL

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 06 2018

Figuring out how to reduce the GPU frame time of a rendering application on a PC can be a challenging task, even for the most experienced PC game developers.

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Using CUDA Warp-Level Primitives

Accelerated Computing, Cooperative Groups, CUDA, Featured, Volta

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 15 2018

NVIDIA GPUs execute groups of threads known as warps in SIMT (Single Instruction, Multiple Thread) fashion. Many CUDA programs achieve high performance by taking advantage of warp execution.

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Calibrating Stitched Videos with VRWorks 360 Video SDK

Design & Visualization, Virtual Reality, 360 video, Featured, VRWorks

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 03 2018

There are over one million VR headsets in use this year, and the popularity of 360 video is growing fast.

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DRIVE PX Application Development Using Nsight Eclipse Edition

Autonomous Vehicles, Drive PX, NSight Eclipse Edition

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Dec 20 2017

NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX is the AI car computer designed to enable OEMs, tier 1 suppliers, startups and research institutions to accelerate the development of self-driving car systems.

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