Introduction to Real-Time Ray Tracing with Vulkan

Design & Visualization, Game Development, Design and Visualization, Featured, OptiX, ray tracing, RTX, Turing, VKRay, Vulkan

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 10 2018

NVIDIA’s new Turing GPU unleashed real-time ray-tracing in a consumer GPU for the first time. Since then, much virtual ink has been spilled discussing ray tracing in DirectX 12.

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Mixed Precision Training for NLP and Speech Recognition with OpenSeq2Seq

Artificial Intelligence, Facebook ConvS2S, FP16, Google NMT, Google Transformer, Horovod, machine learning and AI, Mixed Precision, Natural Language Processing, NLP, openseq2seq, speech recognition, TensorFlow

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 09 2018

The success of neural networks thus far has been built on bigger datasets, better theoretical models, and reduced training time. Sequential models, in particular, could stand to benefit from even more from these.

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Using MATLAB and TensorRT on NVIDIA GPUs

Artificial Intelligence, CUDA, cuDNN, Featured, machine learning and AI, MATLAB, TensorRT, Titan V

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 08 2018

As we design deep learning networks, how can we quickly prototype the complete algorithm—including pre- and postprocessing logic around deep neural networks (DNNs) —to get a sense of timing and performance on standalone GPUs?

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Fast and Fun: My First Real-Time Ray Tracing Demo

Design & Visualization, Game Development, Design and Visualization, DXR, ray tracing, RTX, RTX 2080 Ti, Titan V, Turing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 03 2018

Editor’s note: What happens when a veteran graphics programmer with substantial experience in old-school ray tracing (in other words, offline rendering), gets hold of hardware capable of real-time ray tracing? I’m finally convinced.

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Video Series: Real-Time Ray Tracing for Interactive Global Illumination Workflows in Frostbite

Game Development, DXR, EA, Frostbite, game develoment, global illumination, ray tracing, RTX

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 02 2018

Real-time ray tracing is upon us. Electronic Arts leads the charge in integrating the technology on an engine level. This video series features Sebastien Hillaire, Senior Rendering Engineer at EA/Frostbite.

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