Pop Star: At NVIDIA, Popcorn Delivery Robot Bears Kernel of Innovation

Autonomous Machines, Inner Geek, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Feb 08 2019

At NVIDIA, the robots are being taught to weave their way through the workplace. It helps that, as Ankhit, an NVIDIA Linux systems administrator discovered, they come bearing popcorn.

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NVIDIA’s High School Interns Spend Summer Creating Robots

Inner Geek, Intelligent Machines, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Aug 29 2017

High school’s usually closed during the summer, but our inaugural batch of young “Jetson” interns never stopped learning.

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AI for Hobbyists: DIYers Use Deep Learning to Shoo Cats, Harass Ants

Deep Learning, The AI Podcast, Artificial Intelligence, GPU, Inner Geek, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Dec 14 2016

Robots recklessly driving cheap electric kiddie cars. Autonomous machines shining lasers at ants — and spraying water at bewildered cats — for the amusement of cackling grandchildren.

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