NVIDIA Accelerates Robotic Development from Cloud to Edge with AWS RoboMaker

Autonomous Machines, Embedded Computing, GTC 2019, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Mar 18 2019

The NVIDIA Jetson AI computer platform now supports Amazon Web Services AWS RoboMaker. Robotic simulation and development can now be easily done in the cloud and deployed across millions of robots and other autonomous machines powered by Jetson.

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Make Room for Robots at GTC 2019

Autonomous Machines, Embedded Computing, GTC 2019, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Feb 20 2019

AI will take center stage at the 10th annual GPU Technology Conference, a multi-day deep dive into the present and future of AI-powered autonomous machines.

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Pop Star: At NVIDIA, Popcorn Delivery Robot Bears Kernel of Innovation

Autonomous Machines, Inner Geek, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Feb 08 2019

At NVIDIA, the robots are being taught to weave their way through the workplace. It helps that, as Ankhit, an NVIDIA Linux systems administrator discovered, they come bearing popcorn.

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Now Available: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Module for Next-Gen Autonomous Machines

Autonomous Machines, Embedded Computing, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Dec 12 2018

Delivery robots that speed orders right to your door. Manufacturing robots that collaborate with humans. Handheld DNA sequencers that help scientists save crops from disease.

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What Lies Beneath: Underwater Drone Unlocks Secrets of the Deep

Autonomous Machines, Jetson, NVIDIA in Europe

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Dec 06 2018

Capturing beautiful images from dizzying heights and out-of-reach locations is becoming the norm thanks to aerial drones. But for those more at home under the waves, there has been no comparable offering.

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