Hybridizer: High-Performance C# on GPUs

Accelerated Computing, .NET, C++, CUDA

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Dec 13 2017

Hybridizer is a compiler from Altimesh that lets you program GPUs and other accelerators from C# code or .NET Assembly.

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CUTLASS: Fast Linear Algebra in CUDA C++

Artificial Intelligence, C++, CUBLAS, CUDA, Deep Learning, Libraries, Linear Algebra

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Dec 05 2017

Matrix multiplication is a key computation within many scientific applications, particularly those in deep learning. Many operations in modern deep neural networks are either defined as matrix multiplications or can be cast as such.

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Simple, Portable Parallel C++ with Hemi 2 and CUDA 7.5

Features, C++, C++11, Hemi, Lambda

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 24 2015

The last two releases of CUDA have added support for the powerful new features of C++.

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