ASTC Compression Gets a CUDA Boost!

tegra, CUDA, Shield, GameWorks, ASTC

Andrew Edelsten, posted Jun 09 2015

NVIDIA is using CUDA and the power of GeForce to accelerate Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression (ASTC) along multiple axes!

Guest Blogger: Fei Yang

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AndroidWorks 1R1 updated with NDK r10e. Now available for all Android platforms.

Android, GameWorks, Developer Tools, AndroidWorks

Eric Foo, posted Jun 08 2015

Introducing NVIDIA AndroidWorks, the best native application development tools for Android, now available for all Android platforms.

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Android TV Development Comes Alive with NVIDIA's SHIELD DevCasts

Android, Shield, GameWorks, Android TV

Andrew Edelsten, posted Jun 04 2015

The Android TV announcements at Google IO 2015 and the launch of NVIDIA SHIELD last week seriously excited the NVIDIA Developer Technologies engineers. The only answer, shout about it with DevCasts!

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Introducing SHIELD

Android, GameWorks

David Coombes, posted May 28 2015

The world’s first 4K streaming Android TV is now available with NVIDIA SHIELD. Powered by the revolutionary

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NVIDIA VXGI 0.9 released


Monier Maher, posted May 26 2015

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Android Debugging for High Performance Applications

Android, GameWorks

David Coombes, posted May 14 2015

If you are writing a game or high performance application for Android, you will be using the NDK (Native Development Kit) from Google. At NVIDIA, we believe in making NDK development simple and efficient. We provide tools

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How About Constant Buffers?

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Evan Hart, posted May 04 2015

Continuing along from my previous two posts in

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