Reading Between The Threads: Shader Intrinsics

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX11, DX12, Vulkan, OpenGL, nvapi, DesignWorks

Mathias Schott, posted Jul 29 2016

When writing compute shaders, it’s often necessary to communicate values between threads.

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Unlocking GPU Intrinsics in HLSL

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX11, DX12, nvapi

Alexey Panteleev, posted Jul 29 2016

There are some very useful "intrinsic" functions in the NVIDIA GPU instruction set that are not included in standard graphics APIs.

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DX12 Do's & Don'ts Updated

DX12, GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer

Holger Gruen, posted Mar 01 2016

Since our last update to the DX12 Do’s & Don’ts we have learned and seen a lot more DX12 games and found that we can be more specific about our advice to developers.

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DirectX™ 12 Do’s and Don’ts

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12

Holger Gruen, posted Sep 22 2015

If you have started developing or porting games that use DX12, you have probably realized that it is, in many ways a very different beast when compared to DX11. Lots of responsibility is suddenly being placed on your shoulders.

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An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, Vulkan, DX12

Christopher Wyman, posted Aug 21 2015

At SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles last week, I organized the course "An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs"

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Depth Precision Visualized

GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Nathan Reed, posted Jul 15 2015

Depth precision is a pain in the ass that every graphics programmer has to struggle with sooner or later.

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How About Constant Buffers?

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Evan Hart, posted May 04 2015

Continuing along from my previous two posts in

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