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With the official release of GameWorks VR, all functionality is available in the publicly released drivers found at or available from GeForce Experience.

Learn more about GameWorks VR here.

NVIDIA is pleased to announce that Linux for Tegra release 15 Beta is now available. The NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package supports development of platforms running:

Get the latest driver here.

Congratulations to Marc Delorme on being randomly selected to win the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 from the pool of all eligible survey entries. 
Thanks to everyone for participating!
--The NVIDIA Developer Tools Team 

Android TV provides developers with a brilliant way to expand their market and provide a living room experience with their Android games and apps. Google has streamlined the process of putting a app onto Android TV but some steps are required. Use this guide to get you on-screen fast!


NVIDIA Corporation ("NVIDIA") is willing to license the NVIDIA GameWorks Binary SDK associated with this download and the accompanying documentation, installation routines and support files, sample art files and assets, and supporting utilities (collectively, the "NVIDIA GameWorks SDK") to you only on the condition that you accept all the terms in this License Agreement ("Agreement").