The following repositories are available on GitHub for GameWorks:

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DirectX is a collection of APIs designed to allow development of games and multimedia applications on Microsoft platforms. NVIDIA's GPUs are designed to give the best performance for Direct3D games, and we continue to support the Direct3D development community with GPU drivers, technical papers, and our large set of Direct3D-based examples in our NVIDIA Graphics SDK.

With the official release of GameWorks VR, all functionality is available in the publicly released drivers found at or available from GeForce Experience.

Learn more about GameWorks VR here.

NVIDIA is pleased to announce that Linux for Tegra release 15 Beta is now available. The NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package supports development of platforms running:

You can find Open Source components for some of NVIDIA's GameWorks technology packages at these locations.

Cider / Forge

Wine-derived components of Cider and Forge licensed under GNU LGPL terms are available from NVIDIA's public Github repository.

Get the latest driver here.

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