NVIDIA Releases New Clara Models to Help Fight COVID-19

AI / Deep Learning, COVID, Featured, GTC, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Processing, Image Recognition

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 14 2020

NVIDIA today announced new AI models to help the medical community better track, test and treat COVID-19.

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GPU-Accelerated Molecular Dynamics Applications Help Fight COVID-19

Graphics / Simulation, HPC, Cloud, Cluster/Supercomputing, COVID, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences, NGC

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 20 2020

Applications like AMBER, GROMACS, NAMD, and LAMMPS are some of the popular molecular dynamics simulation applications that leverage Newton’s laws to evaluate molecular motion at the atomic level.

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New NVIDIA Healthcare Webinar Series: COMPUTE4COVID

AI / Deep Learning, HPC, COVID, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, webinar

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 15 2020

This series of technical talks will cover how NVIDIA tools can be used and how technology developed by leading startups is contributing to the worldwide effort against COVID-19.

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Folding@Home Crowdsources GPU-accelerated exaFLOP Supercomputer for COVID-19 Research

HPC, Top Stories, Cluster/Supercomputing, COVID, Featured, Molecular Dynamics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 08 2020

To help tackle COVID-19, the long-running Folding@Home program, a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, hit a breakthrough by achieving more than an exaflop of processing power.

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NVIDIA Offers COVID-19 Researchers Free Access to Parabricks

HPC, Top Stories, Bioinformatics & Genomics, COVID, Development Tools & Libraries, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 19 2020

NVIDIA will provide a free 90-day license to Parabricks to any researcher in the worldwide effort to fight the novel coronavirus.

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory Scientists Identify Compounds That Could Shed More Light on the Coronavirus

HPC, Cluster/Supercomputing, COVID, Featured, Molecular Dynamics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 05 2020

To help respond to the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are using the world’s fastest supercomputer to identify compounds that may effectively combat the virus.

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AI Helps Doctors Diagnose the Coronavirus

AI / Deep Learning, HPC, COVID, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, NVIDIA Inception

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 28 2020

At the epicenter of the Coronavirus in Wuhan China, a team of physicians at the Zhongnan Hospital are using GPU-accelerated AI software to detect visual signs of the coronavirus (Covid 19).

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New Breakthrough in Coronavirus Research Uses GPU-Accelerated Software to Support Treatment Development

HPC, Bioinformatics & Genomics, COVID, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Simulation

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 25 2020

To help in the development of a treatment or vaccine for Coronavirus, University of Texas at Austin and National Institute of Health (NIH) researchers recently achieved a critical breakthrough—creating the first 3D, atomic-scale map of the virus.

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