Today, the Khronos Group publically released the Vulkan specification, documentation and software development tools as the result of an exceptional industry wide participation. When the Khronos Group set up the Vulkan Advisory Panel to foster this collaboration, we thought it would be a good idea to actively engage its members as well and thus we set up a matching NVIDIA Vulkan Early Access program.

NVIDIA is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with our partners focusing on game and mobile development as well as those working on middleware and professional software. Additionally, hobbyists and academics complemented the breadth of our developer engagement.

We’d like to specifically thank the members for their participation which has been instrumental in allowing us to have conforming Vulkan implementations available across the whole product range through SHIELD, GeForce and Quadro as well across major operating systems such as Windows, Linux or Android.

Thank you!

"We successfully collaborated with NVIDIA driver support team in the past, but I was amazed with the work they did on Vulkan. They promptly provided us with the latest beta drivers, so we were able to quickly implement the new API into Serious Engine and make The Talos Principle one of the first titles supporting Vulkan. Smooth!"

Dean Sekuliuc, Senior Programmer, CroTeam.

"I was extremely happy with the support from NVIDIA during the Vulkan development phase. A very helpful (and fast) developer support, regular driver updates and robust Vulkan support for different platforms really helped me get into Vulkan and made it possible for me (as a hobbyist) to develop examples and applications for the new graphics and compute API." Sascha Willems, maintainer of the OpenGL and Vulkan hardware databases.

"NVIDIA's Vulkan early access program has been instrumental in allowing us to try our GPU compiler and software testing techniques on a cutting edge technology." Alastair F. Donaldson, Multicore Programming Group, Imperial College London.

"Vulkan is a very welcome departure from OpenGL, particularly for highly parallelised and multi-threaded multimedia frameworks such as GStreamer. Getting early access to the drivers via NVIDIA and their support made it very easy to get up to speed with Vulkan development and providing GStreamer support for it from the first day. We hope to leverage it extensively in GStreamer to ease development of GPU accelerated video processing across a multitude of devices and platforms." Matthew Waters, Multimedia & Graphics Software Engineer at Centricular Ltd.