Download the Nvidia Image Scaling SDK

System Requirements

NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK
Hardware Support Compatible with modern GPUs such as NVIDIA (GTX or higher), AMD, Intel & Consoles
Operating System Compatible with Windows and Linux
Render API Support DX11, DX12, Vulkan
Engine Requirements
  • Support High-level Shader Language (HSLS) model 5
  • The HLSL shader integration requires DirectX11 or DirectX12 support.
  • Support a high-quality anti-aliasing technique like TAA or FXAA.
  • Ability to negatively bias the LOD for textures and geometry.
  • One each shader call (i.e., each frame), provide:
  • The raw color texture for the frame (in HDR or SDR in display-referred color-space)
  • The output texture with the right dimensions
  • For NVScaler: scale and sharpness values along with configuration and coefficients
  • For NVSharpen: sharpness value and configuration values

  • NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK

    An Open-Source Scaling & Sharpening SDK for All Platforms

    Image Scaling SDK includes:

  • SDK - Shaders & Headers
  • Sample App
  • Documentation

  • GitHub


    A: It is an open source, best-in-class, spatial upscaler and sharpening algorithm that works cross-platform on all GPUs.

    A: DLSS uses AI, motion vectors, and prior frames to deliver the best image quality and performance. Spatial upscalers use only the current frame and a non-AI algorithm. DLSS is unique in boosting frame rates while maintaining image quality comparable to native resolution. Spatial upscalers tradeoff image quality to boost performance.

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