AR SDK - Get Started

Please review the license agreement , by downloading and installing AR SDK, you are accepting the following NVIDIA AR SDK License Agreement

Key Features and Components

  • Face Tracking
  • Face Landmark Tracking
  • Face Mesh
  • AI Accelerated using Tensor Cores
  • C API’s for compatibility and ease of use
  • Streamlined data flow using CUDA buffers
  • Modular architecture for building custom pipeline
  • GPU accelerated image format conversion
  • Free for Commercial-Use


Operating System Windows 10 64bit

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 / Quadro RTX 3000 or higher

NVIDIA Display Driver 410.48 or more recent

Development Environment Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (MSVC14.1) or later
CMake 3.12 or above

Download AR SDK 0.5 (Beta)

The AR SDK enables real-time 3D tracking of a person’s face using a standard web camera. Enjoy fun, engaging augmented reality effects, such as overlaying 3D content on your face, allowing you to control 3D characters, or adding immersive effects that make you look like you are in the game.

For End Users


This AR SDK provides the necessary component files for end users who are running an application that leverages these features.

For Developers

  Download      Documentation      GitHub

For support please email us at

Key Features in this release:

  • Face detection and tracking: detects, locates and tracks human faces in images or videos by bounding boxes. We detect faces in a frame and track any of them at ~1700FPS on a GeForce RTX 2060.
  • Facial landmark detection and tracking: predicts and tracks the pixel locations of human facial landmark points and the 3 degrees of freedom head pose in images or videos. We detect and track facial landmarks following the Multi-PIE 68 point mark-ups information in facial point annotations including face shape, lips, eyes, eyebrows and nose at ~700 FPS on a GeForce RTX 2060.
  • Face 3D mesh and tracking: reconstructs and tracks a 3D human face and its head pose from the provided facial landmarks. GPU accelerated mesh fitting using a 3D morphable model tracks the 3D mesh representation of a human face with up to 3000 vertices and 6 degrees of freedom head pose at ~150 FPS on a GeForce RTX 2060 GPU / Intel 5th Gen CPU.
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