What is the purpose of the NVIDIA Developer Program?

It is a vehicle we use to deliver many of the key components of the NVIDIA SDK and engage with the developer community. Being a member of this program gives access to the latest technology from NVIDIA, be notified of developer specific events and activities, and the opportunity to submit issues or requests for features to NVIDIA engineering. This engagement gives us a deeper understanding of needs of the developer community which helps us delivery better solutions to address those needs.

What is expected from me?

The NVIDIA Developer Program depends on your participation and feedback when new tools or products are offered. This can be in the form of bug reports or active participation in topics on our developer forums. NVIDIA may use information you have provided to send communications specific to your interests and industry. These may be special opportunities attend deep-dive presentations from experts in your industry or participation in early access programs. NVIDIA takes the stewardship of your information seriously, and we do not provide your information to 3rd parties. You can find more details in our NVIDIA's Privacy Policy. The NVIDIA Developer program is covered by following agreement.

Do I have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be in the NVIDIA Developer Program?

The NVIDIA Developer Program does not require an NDA. However, you expected to not share files or documentation provided within the program with others.

Do I have to use my real name or work email address for the NVIDIA Developer Program?

We require your real name in the Basic Profile information, but that information is not displayed to others. We also do not require you use your company email for the NVIDIA Developer Program. You are welcome to use a personal email address, however, we revalidate email addresses from time to time. If you use a service that provides an auto-expiring/disposable email address, or addresses that force verification on NVIDIA's domain, then your account may get blocked or deleted.

I am in a company that wants to engage NVIDIA more deeply, what should I do?

If your company wants to establish a business relationship with NVIDIA, please use the Developer Zone contact form. We will direct your request to the right group. Please provide as much information as possible in the contact form so that we can expedite your request.