What is the purpose of the Registered Developer Program?

NVIDIA uses the Registered Developer Program to reach out to engaged developers that have a high interest in using the latest software and tools from NVIDIA.  In addition, individual programs might offer special incentives and offers that are not available to others.

What is expected from me?

The Registered Developer Program depends on your participation and feedback when new tools or products are offered.  This can be in the form of bug reports or active participation in topics in the private Registered Developer Program forums. NVIDIA may also use other key information you submit to contact you about special programs that may be available to your industry or of regional interest.  We're not speaking of random spam (hey, we hate that too!), but of special opportunities where you may be able to hear deep-dive presentations from NVIDIA engineers or experts in various industries.  NVIDIA takes the stweardship of your information seriously, and we do not provide your information to 3rd parties. Follow the link for more information about NVIDIA's Privacy Policy. The registered developer program is covered by following agreement.

Is it ok if I just enter some bogus/fake information? I just want early release software and hardware discounts!

If you submit basic profile or program-specific information that is misleading or false, you will be blocked from all Registered Developer Programs.

Do I have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be in the Registered Developer Program?

No.  The Registered Developer Program does not require an NDA.  You are, however, expected to not share files or information within the program with others.

When I applied for a Registered Developer Program, it asked me for information about my project.  I'm not allowed to talk about it unless we have an NDA.  What do I do?

In that case, please note it in the application area and use the Developer Zone contact form to reach out to NVIDIA.  We will make every effort to route you to the right NVIDIA representative and you will be contacted to determine if NVIDIA will execute an NDA.

Do I have to use my real name or work email address for the Registered Developer Program?

We require your real name in the Basic Profile information, but that information is not displayed to others.  Your screen name (created when you made your original DevZone login) is your public identity.  We also do not require you use your company email for the Registered Developer Program.  You are welcome to use a personal email address, however, we revalidate email addresses from time to time.  If you use a service that provides an auto-expiring/disposable email address(FakeInbox, 10minuteemail, etc.), or addresses that force verification on NVIDIA's part (Vanquish, Spamarrest, etc.), you will be blocked from all Registered Developer Programs.  If you have used such an address for your initial Developer Zone registration, take care to change your email address before applying for a Registered Developer Program.

I am in a company that wants to engage NVIDIA more deeply, what should I do?

If your company wants to establish a business relationship with NVIDIA, please use the Developer Zone contact form.  We will direct your request to the right group.  Please provide as much information as possible in the contact form so that we can expedite your request.

I was in the previous Registered Developer Program, do I still have access to that site?

Yes, if you were previously accepted, you have access to the older material there.  Just visit https://nvdeveloper.nvidia.com/ and log in with the name and password for that site.  Just remember that site will no longer be updated with new Registered Developer Program material, and will phase out at a later date (for program-related content).