The PhysX Visual Debugger (PVD) allows you to visualize, debug, and interact with your PhysX application's physical scene representation. The PhysX Visual Debugger (Version 2.0.6) supports the current PhysX SDK release and all previous versions.

PVD offers the following powerful features:

  • View object frames, contact points, bounds, velocities, center of mass, force fields, and more
  • Left-click and drag to interact with objects
  • Examine the complete set of physical properties for each physical object
  • Object transparency for complex scenes
  • Up-axis definition for compatibility with various scene formats
  • Orbit and flythrough cameras
  • Left-handed and right-handed coordinate systems 
  • Scene statistics and profiling (better for PhysX 3.1 and above, than for 2.x)


PVD Tutorial

The following tutorial will walk you through the different PVD features.