Presentations from 6800 Leagues Under the Sea

This page lists the presentations from our 6800 Leagues Under the Sea developer event. For each talk, we provide slides in PDF format, along with a brief description (helpful for talks with titles that might not be self-explanatory).

For your convenience, we've also created a ZIP file of everything on this page (26.4 MB).

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Session/Talk Title PDF Description

Deferred Shading


What deferred shading is and how to implement it.

High Dynamic Range Rendering with GeForce 6 Series GPUs


All about high dynamic range rendering, including high-quality filtering and post-processing.

Shader Model 3.0, Best Practices


How to use new Shader Model 3.0 features effectively.

OpenGL Extensions for GeForce 6 Series GPUs


New OpenGL extensions that take advantage of Shader Model 3.0 features, as well as floating point filtering and blending.



An overview of the NVPerfHUD real-time performance tuning tool.

FX Composer 1.5


New features including DirectX 9.0c support, script execute support, an SDK for plug-ins, and more.

Shadow Considerations


Things to keep in mind when implementing shadow algorithms.