Theory is one thing, but it's no substitute for experience. That’s why postmortems are often the best attended talks at GDC. NVIDIA engineers work closely with all kinds of developers throughout the year to ensure that their games are the best they can possibly be. We share some of the knowledge gained in 3 developer sessions.

Watch Dogs 2 - PC Version Success Story with NVIDIA

Based on experience gained shipping many PC games, NVIDIA and Ubisoft teamed up to ensure that Watch Dogs 2 on PC was the definitive version. The TWIMTBP (The way it’s meant to be played) Technical Requirements Checklist came out of this new process. We share data and experiences related to the issues that need addressing for a successful AAA PC game product launch.

The Witness on Android - Post Mortem

The Witness from Thekla, Inc is a beautiful and challenging game designed to run on PC. Bringing it to an Android device presented quite a few challenges. Developers will hear the full story of how The Witness was ported to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Memory usage and performance challenges will be discussed and how they were overcome. Learn some of the tools available to make your life easier developing and porting complex applications to Android.

VR Best Practices: Putting the fun in VR Funhouse

VR Funhouse is NVIDIA’s first game. It’s a high end experience using the latest in Gameworks and VRWorks technology. We will dive deep into the lessons learned through the production of VR Funhouse and how we tackled the many unique challenges of VR. We’ll cover performance, comfort, simulation, and visual effects. Further we’ll dive into the topic of modding in the VR space!


NVIDIA has 16 sponsored sessions at GDC this year. For full details head over to our GDC page. We’ll also have a booth packed with the latest and greatest in game development technology. We’ll see you at the show!

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