PhysX Particles & Fluid

Particles enable artists to easily provide a much more immersive environment by using physical particles which can interact e.g. with wind and explosion force fields. Particles can also be used to simulate fluids. You can author content once and later easily scale it up or down, based on the underlying hardware platform's compute performance.

Please note: PhysX Particles & Fluid have been deprecated. NVIDIA FleX and NVIDIA Flow are libraries that offer more robust and accurate simulation for similar visual effects.


Key Features
  • Artist-focused tools to ensure turnkey solutions
  • Full Collision with PhysX environment
  • Force field interaction (wind, explosions, ..)
  • Authorable behaviour and effect modifiers
  • Sprite and mesh rendering supported
  • SPH fluids
  • Ease of scalability
  • Level of Detail control
PlatformsPC, XBOX, PS, Android
DependenciesPhysX, APEX framework
ToolsParticle Editing Tool (PET)

PhysX Particles and Fluids in Game/Demo Examples

Planetside 2

PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play massively multi player on-line first person shooter. The game provides support for APEX Turbulence and Particle effects to provide an even more realistic interactive game-play.



Hawken is an action-packed, fast-paced, free-to-play, mech-based, multi player first-person shooter, set in a visually-rich future setting destroyed by corporate greed. The additional APEX Turbulence/Particle effects in Hawken 2 provide a much more realistic and interactive game experience.


Borderlands 2

Creatures, such as the Crystalisk, spew simulated fluids comprised of hundreds of thousands of particles, allowing explosions and physical interactions to manipulate them after the fact, rendering an unprecedented level of detail previously unseen on any platform.


Batman Arkham City

Enhanced gameplay through the use of ambient cloth, particles and clothing which provide a much more immersive game experience.


Alice 2

Particles and Fluids provide Alice 2 a totally new immersible environment. In addition to that APEX Destruction was also used for the breakable ground.


Mafia 2 (2K Czech)

Physical particles were used in Mafia 2 to provide a more realistic environment with particle debris moving based on force fields and properly interacting with the ground. Due to the longer particle life time the real extend of destruction is much more visible.


Terminator Time Demo

Physical Particles were used extensively in this demo. The smoke for example is interactive and moves based on explosion force fields or when an object moves through it. The same applies to the weapon debris and the plasma. With just a couple of particle effects the static environment was changed to a fully dynamic one.


Darkest of Days

Physical particles are used extensively for environmental effects (ground fog, smoke, ash, leaves, weapon debris). All the particle effects interact with wind and objects and therefore provide more realism.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (Ascaron)

All the spell effects make use of APEX Particles, which causes the physical particles to swirl around and interact properly with the environment.