For a complete overview of all Parallel Nsight features and access to resources, please visit the main Parallel Nsight page.

*New* 1.5 Features:

  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 in all Parallel Nsight components
  • Requires the 260.61 driver
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

CUDA C/C++ Debugger:

  • Support for the CUDA 3.2 RC toolkit
  • Support for debugging GPUs using the Tesla Compute Cluster (TCC) driver
  • Support for >4GB GPUs, such as the Quadro 6000
  • CUDA Memory Checker supports Fermi-based GPUs

Direct3D Shader Debugger:

  • Debugging shaders compiled with the DEBUG flag is now supported.

Direct3D Graphics Inspector:

  • Support for GeForce GTX 460 GPUs
  • Graphics debug sessions start much faster.
  • New Direct3D 11 DXGI texture formats are now supported for visualization
  • Textures used in the current draw call's pixel shader are now viewable directly on the HUD.


  • Support for GeForce GTX 460 GPUs
  • GPU-side draw call workloads from OpenGL and Direct3D are now traced.
  • NVIDIA Tools Extension (NVTX) events have been improved with color and payload.
  • NVIDIA Tools Extension (NVTX) API calls for naming threads, CUDA contexts and other resources

You will still need the Microsoft v9.0 compilers installed in order to compile your CUDA C/C++ code when using Visual Studio 2010. These compilers ship with Visual Studio 2008, and older versions of the Microsoft Windows SDK.