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Mike "BEEPLE" Winkelmann


Digital artist Mike Winkelmann created a short film called Zero-Day in 2015. Originally rendered with an offline renderer, each scene in Zero-Day contains a mix of glossy and diffuse materials and is lit by thousands of animated emissive triangles.

NVIDIA researchers demonstrated the first real-time path tracing of scenes from this short film in August 2019. This package contains two scenes from Zero-Day, that have been converted from their original Octane and Cinema4D formats to real-time-compatible formats and material conventions by Kai-Hwa Yao and Kate Anderson.

Thanks to OTOY and Maxon for their generous software donation to make this project possible.



  • Measure One: 1,372,670 triangles, 10,103 emissive triangles
  • Measure Seven: 1,294,866 triangles, 10,989 emissive triangles
  • File formats: FBX, DDS
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