The recently updated SHIELD tablet K1 is still one of the most powerful tablets money can buy. It’s a great platform for gamers, but we think it’s also the best device for Android developers as well.

Here are 4 reasons why:

  • Best OpenGL drivers in the Industry

    NVIDIA’s drivers are built on 20 years of experience. Our OpenGL is fast and it's rock solid. You can trust our OpenGL to do the right thing. It won’t leave you wondering if it’s a bug in your code or a bug in the driver.

  • Best Native development tools in the Industry

    CodeWorks for Android, our Visual Studio integration solution delivers professional grade project management, debugging and profiling, all within the industry standard platform for game development. Our tools are so good, they are the recommended solution for developing on mobile using Unreal Engine from Epic Games. Our tools work with most modern devices but work best with SHIELD.

  • Latest and Best Software

    We are committed to keeping our devices up to date by supplying regular OTA updates. The next one is coming soon, as we anticipate Android 6.0 Marshmallow to hit SHIELD tablet K1 in the coming months. That’ll make it one of the first tablets with Google’s newest operating system.

  • ShadowPlay

    Video capture is performed using NVIDIA ShadowPlay which has minimal performance impact on applications. From a development standpoint ShadowPlay can be extremely useful not only for capturing video but also for recording crash bugs during development. With a rolling 20 minute buffer, it lets your QA team capture those annoying game-play bugs, which are otherwise hard to capture on a mobile development platform.

    Of course you can also use ShadowPlay to broadcast to Twitch, great for interacting with your community and fans.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get CodeWorks for Android and get developing on SHIELD. We are always excited to talk to developers about their games.