NVIDIA Omniverse Code

NVIDIA Omniverse Code, currently in beta, is an Omniverse App that serves as an integrated development environment (IDE) for developers and power users to easily build their own Omniverse extensions, apps, or microservices.

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Omniverse Code includes the Omniverse Kit SDK runtime and provides foundational tools, templates, and documentation in a simple-to-navigate interface. This makes it easier than ever to leverage the powerful capabilities of the Omniverse Kit SDK when developing your own Omniverse-based projects.

Benefits of Building in Code

Simple to Learn and Use

Code’s default configuration helps first-time Omniverse developers quickly become familiar with the platform’s core technologies and accelerates development with a simple-to-navigate interface, interactive documentation, templates, and “Hello World” exercises.

Minimal Code, Maximum Output

Freely use and modify any of NVIDIA’s growing number of pre-built Omniverse extensions and integrate and distribute them in your own projects, so there’s no need to start building tools from scratch.

Easily Package and Publish

Whether you are sending directly to end-users or customers, sharing a git repository for direct loading into a Kit-based App or program, or publishing to a private Omniverse registry, Omniverse Code lets you package and publish your projects with ease.

Key Tools and Extensions


Extension Manager

Browse, load, and examine the code of hundreds of pre-built Omniverse Extensions, or start creating your own using none, some, or all of the pre-existing extension code as templates.


Interactive Documentation

Easily view and engage with interactive documentation directly in Code, featuring core documentation for Omni.UI, Graph UI, Viewport, USD, and more.


Omni.UI Framework

The Omni.UI framework is a powerful toolkit to create beautiful, rich, and flexible graphical user interfaces for extensions and applications built in Code.


Interactive 3D Viewport

The viewport extension is the primary way Omniverse Kit-based apps “view” 3D worlds and is powered by USD Hydra to enable integration with many common renderers. It is the window by which we see our creative work and is fully customizable in Code.


Visual Studio Code Live Connection

By live-connecting VS Code to an Omniverse Code session, you can see your code changes reflected in real-time, enabling instant, easy iteration, experimentation, and debugging.


USD Tools and Windows

Leverage any of the existing tools including layers, render settings and properties to manipulate USD in your own extensions and apps.


Content Browser

Easily find relevant data or assets to test your extensions using any of the browsers to search through one or many Nucleus servers.



Microservices templates and interactive documentation are available directly in the default configuration of Code for fast ramping on how to ideally architect platform services.

Latest Omniverse Developer News

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Upcoming Webinar: How Synthetic Data is Supercharging Vision AI Development

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Shaping the Future of Graphics with NVIDIA Technologies in Unreal Engine 5

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Latest Releases and Resources: NVIDIA GTC 2022

Latest Releases and Resources: NVIDIA GTC 2022

This GTC focused roundup features updates to the HPC SDK, cuQuantum SDK, Nsight Graphics and Systems 2022.2, CUDA 11.6, Update 1, cuNumeric, and Warp.

Developer License and Pricing

It is free to develop Omniverse Kit SDK-based Extensions, Apps, and Microservices, or Omniverse Connect SDK-based Connectors on the Omniverse Platform.

Developers can sell their own apps, extensions, microservices, or connectors on their own, or be featured in the Omniverse Exchange. Developers are not able to distribute any NVIDIA-developed Omniverse apps, extensions, or microservices, nor Omniverse Nucleus or Omniverse Kit.

Your end-users of the Omniverse-based extension, app, microservice, or connector will need either an Omniverse for Individuals license or an Omniverse Enterprise license.

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