NVIDIA Topology-Aware GPU Selection (NVTAGS) is a toolset for high-performance computing (HPC) applications that enables faster solve times with high GPU communication-to-application run-time ratios. NVTAGS intelligently and automatically assigns GPUs to message passing interface (MPI) processes, thereby reducing overall GPU-to-GPU communication time.

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Dramatically improves performance by intelligently mapping MPI processes to GPUs for HPC applications with non-uniform GPU-to-GPU communication.


Provides a fully automated process that eliminates the manual, time-consuming mapping of processes to GPUs.

Seamless Integration

Can be easily integrated into a container, making it portable and easily deployable on any system or architecture.

Key Features

  • Automated topology detection independent of the system and HPC application
  • Small memory footprint (few KB) with minimal one-time profiling overhead
  • Automatic caching of mapped results for future simulations
  • Support for single-node, PCIe, and NVIDIA® NVLink® with NVIDIA Pascal™, Volta™, and Ampere GPUs
  • Support for customizing default mapping (e.g., mapping algorithm) and profiling metrics

Performance Gains

Performance Highlights:

  • Up to 22% performance increase for Chroma
  • Up to 41% performance increase for MILC


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