NVIDIA Nsight Integration

NVIDIA Nsight Integration is a Visual Studio extension that allows you to access the power of the following NVIDIA Nsight standalone tools from within Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Marketplace extensions offer built-in management and update notifications.

Two Options for Installation:

    There are two ways to install a Visual Studio extension.

    1. Using the Visual Studio Extension Manager (Recommended).
      This is the recommended approach for streamlined installation and updates for individual Visual Studio versions.
      • Search, download, and install - all from withing Visual Studio.
    2. From the Visual Studio Marketplace.
      This approach is advantageous when installing to multiple versions of Visual Studio at once.
      • Search, download, and manually install.

Option 1: Install from the Visual Studio Extension Manager

  1. From Visual Studio's main menu, select
    • Tools | Extensions and Updates... (VS 2017)
    • Extensions | Manage Extension... (VS 2019)
  2. Expand Online, and select the Visual Studio Marketplace sub-node
    • Search for Nsight Integration
    • Filter by selecting the Tools, Coding, Performance, or Programming Languages sub-nodes
  3. NVIDIA Nsight Integration should be available for update or download and install

    Using Extension Manager to install NVIDIA Nsight Integration

Option 2: Download NVIDIA Nsight Integration from the Visual Studio Marketplace

  1. Download and Install from the Visual Studio Marketplace
  2. Close all Visual Studio instances
  3. Double-click the downloaded extension (vsix file) to initiate the installation
  4. Specify each version of Visual Studio to which the extension should be installed

More Info

For a more detailed explaination, please visit the NVIDIA Nsight Integration detailed user guide