NVIDIA IndeX - Get Started

Key Features and Components

NVIDIA IndeX 2.1

  • NVIDIA IndeX leverages GPU Direct Storage (GDS), allowing for interactive visualization of massive datasets (a 150 TB dataset using GDS was demonstrated at SC’19)
  • NVIDIA IndeX supports the ARM architecture, which enables HPC visualization on ARM-based GPU clusters
  • NVIDIA IndeX is in the IBM Power9 Software Package, ready to be used for visualization and compute of 3D scientific data
  • High-Bandwidth Inference for scientific data through NVIDIA IndeX, IndeX supports the interpretation and analysis of large data sets
  • NVIDIA IndeX Accelerated Compute enables CUDA-programmable volume shading and computing. The new interface allows interactive modification of the visual appearance and the data itself
  • OpenVDB Support with NVIDIA IndeX, is an extension of the data format to enable scientific visualization in the Media and Entertainment domain
  • NVIDIA IndeX Finger is a new HTML5 based Viewer, which enables tailor-made cloud and end-user workflows and solutions
  • New NVIDIA IndeX Plugin for ParaView 5.7, with improved memory management and data loading time

IndeX Demo Container on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC)

NVIDIA IndeX™ is a leading volume visualization tool for HPC. It takes advantage of the computational horsepower of GPUs to deliver real-time performance on large datasets by distributing visualization workloads across a GPU-accelerated cluster.


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ParaView IndeX Container on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC)

This container bundles ParaView Web and ParaView server with the NVIDIA IndeX plugin for the propose of showcasing the NVIDIA IndeX capabilities.

It can be used in tandem with an official ParaView 5.7.0 client or standalone as ParaView web. The following instructions will describe how to run ParaView Web and pvserver with Docker and Singularity.

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IndeX on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Access the power of NVIDIA IndeX in the cloud anywhere, on any device from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace.

Visualize and interact with massive HPC data sets using NVIDIA V100, P100, or T4 GPUs available on GCP. Running in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), NVIDIA IndeX provides better insights from their data in real-time.

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