NVAPI is NVIDIA's core software development kit that allows direct access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers on all windows platforms. NVAPI provides support for categories of operations that range beyond the scope of those found in familiar graphics APIs such as DirectX and OpenGL.

Initially exposed only to OEMs and game developer tools, NVAPI is now available for download to all developers interested in building Windows applications on NVIDIA GPUs.

Application Types

NVAPI allows full access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers in any UI and non-UI application. Under Windows Vista, the application context using NVAPI must be launched in Session 1 or higher.

NVAPI Feature Categories

  • Driver Management
  • Initialization and driver version controls.
  • GPU Management
  • Enumeration of physical and logical GPUs. Thermal and Cooling controls.
  • Display Management
  • Enumeration of NVDIA displays, display postion and timings controls.
  • GPU Topology
  • Ability to enable SLI and Hybrid GPU topologies.
  • Frame Rendering
  • Ability to control Video and DX rendering not available in DX runtime.
  • System Management
  • Ability to query chipset and system specific information.
  • HDTV Controls
  • HDTV format and overscan controls.
  • Video Controls
  • Extended video engine controls.
  • Connecting and Configuring Monitors
  • Ability to set views on multiple target monitors.
  • GPU Overclocking
  • GPU overclocking APIs allows apps to run apps at maximum possible clocks.

NVAPI Components and Documentation

NVAPI components includes the "lite" headers, grouping mostly often used functions by purpose, one header that includes all functions for power users, and lib files for 32 and 64 bit Windows.

NVAPI Support

NVAPI is constantly and rigorously tested not only for end-users, but for internal use at NVIDIA and our closest partners.

DRS APIs (Driver Settings)

DRS Programming Guide