NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2019.6 is released with the following changes:

Feature Enhancements:
  • User defined layouts
    • You can now save and load custom named layouts to better match your workflow needs.
  • GPU Trace user ranges
    • User Annotations are now called "User Ranges" and you can now add, edit and remove them.  These ranges are also grouped in a designated tab in the regime table for better counters data visibility.
  • Easier automatic attaching to games that use launchers
    • Added the ability to find and automatically attach to an actively rendering child process to simplify connecting to the desired application, with additional status feedback in the UI as connections are made.
    • Added support for direct batch file launching.
    • Added detection of launcher-applications that interfere with launch and offered users the ability to terminate them to avoid interference.
  • Events View display and filtering
    • Enhanced the Events View filtering with a detailed filter configuration dialog.
    • Added the ability to right-click on an event and hide events of that type.
    • Enabled event display to toggle the class interface information, improving readability.
    • Added debug object names for Vulkan objects.
  • Instance picking in the AS Viewer
    • Enhanced the AS Viewer to allow object selection and correlation to the associated entry in the tree view, which improves contextual understanding.
  • Enhanced support for mixed DPI monitor scaling on Windows/Linux
  • Added precise control of pixel position in the resources view for launching pixel history
  • Improved Vulkan action profiling information by fixing GPU clocks when running profiling experiments.
New Support:
  • Added support for frame debugging and frame profiling applications that use the NVIDIA NGX SDK. For more information about NGX, visit https://developer.nvidia.com/rtx/ngx.
  • Vulkan Extensions
    • VK_EXT_line_rasterization
    • VK_EXT_headless_surface
    • VK_KHR_create_renderpass2
    • VK_KHR_external_fence_win32
    • VK_KHR_external_memory_win32
    • VK_KHR_external_semaphore
    • VK_KHR_imageless_framebuffer
    • VK_NVX_image_view_handle
  • Pinned rows
    • You can now pin rows to the top in GPU Trace scrubber.  The pinned rows will remain always visible when scrolling down and thus makes it easier to compare data in other rows.
  • Flat rows mode
    • GPU Trace has an additional view mode, Flat Rows. This mode gives a higher granularity for scrubber rows customization, by enabling to remove and pin child rows.

For more details and known issues, please see the full release notes!

For an overview of Nsight™ Graphics and access to resources, please visit the main Nsight™ Graphics page.

NVIDIA® Nsight™ Graphics 2019.6 is available for download under the NVIDIA Registered Developer Program.

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