NMath makes high-performance math calculations on multi-threaded CPUs easily accessible to the 6-8 million .NET programmers worldwide, and in turn, to all of the users of the software that those programmers develop.  NMath numerical tools are used in production in many Fortune 500 companies.

NMath Premium takes advantage of the NVIDIA CUDA architecture to dramatically accelerate mathematics on the .NET platform, including a 2-4x speed-up for many math functions.

Key Features

NMath Premium automatically detects the presence of a CUDA-enabled GPU at runtime and seamlessly redirects appropriate computations to it.  The library can be configured to specify which problems should be solved by the GPU, and which by the CPU. If a GPU is not present at runtime, the computation automatically falls back to the CPU without error.

  • No GPU programming is required
  • No changes are required to existing NMath code

NMath developers can simply upgrade to NMath Premium and immediately begin to offer their users fantastic NVIDIA performance from current graphics cards, or from additional GPUs, without writing any new software.


The chart below illustrates the performance achieved for applications or performance enabled/discovered tools. Typically 2 to 4x speed up compared to CPU only calculations are achieved.


NMath Premium is available now.

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