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Accelerate application development for the NVIDIA BlueField DPU and increase the performance and security demands of modern data centers.

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NVIDIA DOCA™ is the key to unlocking the potential of the NVIDIA BlueField® data processing unit (DPU) to offload, accelerate, and isolate data center workloads. With DOCA, developers can program the data center infrastructure of tomorrow by creating software-defined, cloud-native, GPU-accelerated services with zero-trust protection.

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DOCA software provides backward compatibility

Forward & Backward Compatibility

DOCA provides multi-generational support to offer developers the confidence that applications developed today will consistently run with added performance benefits on all future generations of BlueField.

 DOCA helps offload, accelerate, and isolate infrastructure

Offload, Accelerate, Isolate Infrastructure

Network, storage and security services are offloaded, accelerated and isolated on the DPU while data is securely delivered to workloads at wire speed.

DOCA helps accelerate open ecosystem development

Open Ecosystem

DOCA offers a software application framework to accelerate ecosystem development.

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Unlock the potential of the DPU and experience DOCA today.

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DOCA 1.5 Software

DOCA 1.5 software framework

Together, DOCA and the BlueField DPU enable the development of applications that deliver breakthrough networking, security, and storage performance with a comprehensive, open development platform. BlueField isolates the infrastructure service domain from the workload domain to offer significant improvements in application and server performance, security, and efficiency, giving developers all the tools they need to realize the optimal, secure, accelerated data center.

DOCA software consists of an SDK and a runtime environment. The DOCA SDK includes industry-standard open drivers, such as Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) and P4 for networking and security and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) for storage. The DOCA libraries simplify application offload and acceleration.

The SDK supports a range of operating systems and distributions and includes drivers, libraries, tools, documentation, and example applications, which you can access here. The DOCA runtime includes tools for provisioning, deploying, and orchestrating containerized services on hundreds or thousands of DPUs across the data center.

SDK Key Components

  • Industry-standard APIs: DPDK, SPDK, P4, Linux Netlink
  • Network, security, and storage acceleration libraries
  • Deployment, provisioning & orchestration tools
DOCA SDK key components

BlueField DPU OS and Drivers

BlueField DPU OS and drivers
  • The BlueField OS includes the bootloader, OS kernel, necessary network interface card (NIC) firmware, NVIDIA drivers, sample filesystem, and toolchain—all certified as part of the NVIDIA NGC™ catalog.
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 ships with NVIDIA BlueField DPUs as commercial-grade Linux distribution with continuous OS and security updates.
  • DOCA software is available on every leading operating system as a standalone package without a bundled OS for Arm® and x86 architectures.

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Unlock the potential of the DPU and experience DOCA today.

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