NVIDIA Morpheus

Cybersecurity and AI

As cybersecurity threats continue to escalate and diversify, organizations must look for new ways to address them. Cybersecurity is a data problem. Collecting and analyzing all of the data across a network in real time is cost-prohibitive and difficult—unless you can leverage accelerated AI.

NVIDIA Morpheus is an open application framework that enables cybersecurity developers to create optimized AI pipelines for filtering, processing, and classifying large volumes of real-time data. Bringing a new level of security to the data center, cloud, and edge, Morpheus uses AI to identify, capture, and act on threats and anomalies that were previously impossible to identify.

Accelerate Development Time with AI Workflows

NVIDIA’s cybersecurity AI workflows can help customers get started in building AI-based cybersecurity solutions. The workflows package NVIDIA AI frameworks with training and inference pipelines, Helm charts for cloud-native deployment, as well as guidance on how to train and customize the solution for a specific use case. The workflow can reduce development time and lower costs, improve accuracy and performance, and bolster confidence in AI outcomes.

Detect Cybersecurity Threats Faster

Learn how the digital fingerprinting AI workflow can reduce time to detect cybersecurity threats from weeks to minutes.

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Improve Spear Phishing Detection

Find out how NVIDIA used generative AI and Morpheus to improve detection of spear phishing emails by 20%—with less than a day of training.

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Start Your AI Journey With NVIDIA LaunchPad

Have an upcoming cybersecurity AI project? Apply for access to Morpheus with free curated labs. Use cases include AI-powered digital fingerprinting to analyze the behavior of every user and machine across the network, phishing and sensitive information detection, and more.

Benefits of AI-Based Cybersecurity

Quick Development and Deployment

Morpheus integrates tools to make it easier to build cybersecurity solutions. Built on the NVIDIA AI platform, including RAPIDS™ libraries, deep learning frameworks, and NVIDIA Triton™ Inference Server, Morpheus simplifies the analysis of logs and telemetry to help detect and mitigate security threats.

AI Cybersecurity Use Cases

Deploy your own models using common deep learning frameworks, or use a Morpheus pretrained model to get a jump-start in building applications to identify leaked sensitive information, detect phishing, ransomware, malware, or fraud, or flag user behavior changes.

Real-Time Telemetry

Morpheus can receive rich, real-time network telemetry from every NVIDIA® BlueField® DPU-accelerated server and NVIDIA DOCA™-based application, including Telemetry Flow Inspector and App Shield, in the data center without impacting performance. Integrating the framework into a third-party cybersecurity offering brings the world’s best AI computing to communication networks.

GPU Accelerated

Morpheus is a GPU-accelerated SDK enabling, for the first time, the ability to inspect all network traffic in real time, flag anomalies, and provide insights on these anomalies so that threats can be addressed quickly.

Cybersecurity AI Framework

Morpheus provides a framework to perform real-time inference across massive amounts of cybersecurity data.

Framework Architecture
Morpheus is data agnostic and can send and receive telemetry data from multiple sources, as well as directly from the BlueField DPU, allowing continuous, real-time, and variable feedback that can affect policies, rewrite rules, adjust sensing, and other actions.

AI Cybersecurity Use Cases

Digital Fingerprinting

Uniquely fingerprint every user, service, account, and machine across the enterprise and then employ unsupervised learning to flag when user and machine activity patterns shift.

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Sensitive Information Detection

Find and classify leaked credentials, keys, passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and more.

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Crypto-Mining Malware Detection

Catch anomalies by profiling behaviors to spot crypto-mining malware, which can result in malicious domain name system (DNS) traffic and overutilization of compute resources.

Phishing Detection

Use this natural language processing AI model to analyze entire raw emails to classify them into ham, spam, or phishing categories automatically.

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Fraudulent Transaction and Identity Detection

Detect fraud at a fraction of the time and cost using graph neural networks—a capability that was not feasible before without massive amounts of labeled data.

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Ransomware Detection

Identify and stop ransomware at the point of entry up to 3x faster with NVIDIA App Shield, the Morpheus cybersecurity pipeline, and NVIDIA BlueField as a high-speed, high-fidelity source.

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Stronger, Faster Cybersecurity with Morpheus

AI-Based Threat Detection at Scale

Leverage the Morpheus pipeline to observe all data across the entire network and apply AI inferencing and real-time monitoring to all necessary packets and data streams—at unprecedented scale.

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Analyze Behavior of Every User and Machine

NVIDIA’s digital fingerprinting AI workflow uniquely fingerprints every user, service, account, and machine across the network—employing unsupervised learning to flag when activity patterns shift.

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Detect Cybersecurity Threats Instantly

Provide security teams with complete visibility into security threats by bringing together unmatched AI processing with real-time monitoring of every server and packet throughout the network.

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Bring Your Own Model

Integrate Existing Code

Easily integrate your existing models with Morpheus for inferencing. Swap in newer models without interruption to your pipeline.

Common Formats Supported

Use common deep learning frameworks like ONNX, PyTorch, TensorFlow, and NVIDIA TensorRT™ with support from the Triton Inference Server. Forest inference is also supported via the RAPIDS Forest Inference Library.

Monitor Model Performance

Get real-time metrics on model performance with integrated MLOps.

Fine-Tuning Scripts

Increase accuracy and reduce false positives by using base scripts that can be customized for your environment.

Built for Customized Integrations

Easily integrate with existing SIEM, SOAR, visualization, or graph tools

Get Started With Morpheus

Enterprise-Ready Cybersecurity AI With NVIDIA AI Enterprise

The NVIDIA AI Enterprise subscription includes access to NVIDIA Morpheus for production deployments, accelerating enterprises to the leading edge of AI with enterprise support, security, and API stability while mitigating the potential risks of open-source software.

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Try the Cybersecurity AI Workflows

Accelerate development with the packaged AI workflow for digital fingerprinting to detect cybersecurity threats or spear phishing. These AI workflows include AI frameworks, and resources such as Helm charts, Jupyter Notebooks, and documentation to help jump-start building AI solutions.

Learn More About the Digital Fingerprinting Workflow Learn More About the Spear Phishing Workflow Try the Workflows on LaunchPad


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