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Fast-track your AI development with Jupyter Notebooks from the NVIDIA NGC catalog.

What Is a Jupyter Notebook?

A Jupyter Notebook is a development environment that provides interactive and iterative coding, faster analysis, inline markdown for richer documentation, and multi-programming language support — making it the de facto choice for AI development.

Build AI Models Faster with Jupyter Notebooks from the NGC Catalog

The NVIDIA NGC™ catalog, a hub for GPU-optimized AI and high-performance software, offers over 150 Jupyter Notebooks for various use cases, including computer vision and conversational AI.

These Jupyter Notebooks allow data scientists to examine, understand, customize, test, and build their own models faster, while taking advantage of best practices in the notebooks to build high-throughput, low-latency models.

For a step-by-step guide on how to get started with NGC’s Jupyter Notebooks, read our blogs on image segmentation, recommender system, or medical imaging.

A Notebook for Every Use Case

Get started today with Jupyter Notebooks that span diverse use cases, including medical imaging, conversational AI, and computer vision.

BERT for TensorFlow

Explore a worked example for utilizing the BERT for TensorFlow model scripts for question answering.

Question Answering

Build an end-to-end workflow for question answering starting with training in NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and deploying using NVIDIA Riva.

Image Classification

Learn how to install the Docker Engine on your system, pull and run the TensorFlow container, and execute image classification tasks.

Text Classification

See an end-to-end sample workflow for text classification starting with training in NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and deploying using NVIDIA Riva.

Medical Imaging

Learn how 3D-UNet medical image segmentation allows for seamless segmentation of 3D volumes with high accuracy and performance.

Image Segmentation

Explore how an NVIDIA pretrained U-Net model is adapted from the original version, which is a convolutional auto-encoder for 2D image segmentation.

Conversational AI

Learn how to use PyTorch Lightning and NVIDIA Nemo™ to create new conversational AI models.

Face Mask Detection

Access a notebook example that shows the detection of face masks on video feeds using NVIDIA TAO Toolkit and pretrained models from the NGC catalog.

Deploy Jupyter Notebooks on Google Cloud Vertex AI with a Single Click

The NGC catalog will soon provide a one-click deploy approach to set up a Jupyter environment on Vertex AI with performance-optimized NVIDIA AI software from the NGC catalog so data scientists can focus on AI development bringing enterprise solutions to market faster.

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Jupyter notebook running on Google Cloud Vertex AI.

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