IBM™ Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of MPI designed to accelerate application performance in distributed computing environments. Based on the open-source Open MPI, IBM Spectrum MPI provides a familiar interface that is easily portable. IBM Spectrum MPI, however, incorporates advanced CPU affinity features, dynamic selection of interface libraries, superior workload manager integrations and improved performance, and improved RDMA networking, supporting NVIDIA GPUs. IBM Spectrum MPI supports a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and operating systems, helping to ensure that parallel applications can run on a multitude of platforms.

IBM Spectrum MPI delivers a number of value added features including:

  • Improved RDMA networking, supporting NVIDIA GPUs based on IBM PAMI backend
  • Reduce time to results:
    • Improved point-to-point performance via proprietary PAMI backend
    • Enhanced collective library (blocking and non-blocking algorithms)
  • Ease of use for installs, startup and debugging
  • Cluster Test options, improved startup services
  • Debug/instrumentation libraries
  • IBM High Performance Computing Toolkit for analyzing performance of applications
  • Single MPI with support by IBM for IBM POWER8 LE, IBM POWER9 LE and x86

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