This week at CES, NVIDIA announced a revolution in monitor technology, unveiling the world's first HDR PC gaming monitors. HDR monitors produce an image with wider color gamut, higher contrast, saturation and brightness, more closely matching human vision.

G-SYNC HDR monitors were designed from the ground up for gaming, with stunning image quality, tear-free and stutter-free G-SYNC smoothness, minimal motion blur, and near-zero input latency (tvs often add 22-41ms of latency).

G-SYNC HDR monitors stand further apart from other HDR displays through the implementation of full array 384-zone backlights, and cutting-edge Quantum Dot technology.

384-Zone Backlights

The backlight illuminates the screen, and with 384 individually-controllable LED backlight zones, light will only be shown when and where it is required, enabling G-SYNC HDR displays to simultaneously produce bright bold colors and deep blacks, reminiscent of the very best plasma displays. Monitors with fewer backlight zones, edge-lit backlight zones, or with only a single global backlight are incapable of matching the contrast and image quality of the new 4K G-SYNC HDR monitors, and with 384 controllable zones we have unparalleled control over the picture, producing the best images you’ve ever seen on an LCD gaming display.

Quantum Dot Enhancement

Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF), is used to create deep saturated reds and greens out of the blue light produced by the 384 controllable LED backlight zones. First used on high-end HDR televisions, QDEF film is coated with nano-sized dots that emit light of a very specific color depending on the size of the dot, producing bright, saturated and vibrant colors through the whole spectrum, from deep greens and reds, to intense blues. This enables a far larger set of colors to be displayed, producing pictures that more accurately reflect the scenes and colors you see in real life. The end result is a color space 25% larger than the traditional sRGB color space, close to the DCI-P3 standard used in the best digital cinemas.

This comparison shows the image quality improvements possible with HDR

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