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Learning to Route Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Amine Kerkeni, Instadeep | Alexandre Laterre, Instadeep

GTC 2020

Learn about deep multi-agent reinforcement learning on GPUs. We'll schedule trains in the Flatland routing environment, although such scheduling is relevant to a wide range of industries. We'll present different reinforcement learning (RL) solutions to address this specific challenge. Our step-by-step approach will help you discover some of the main difficulties in designing multi-agent deep RL systems and help you solve these challenges using GPU compute. We'll present best practices for overcoming these hurdles. We'll also compare centralized and decentralized multi-agent deep RL solutions. Specifically, we'll look at the Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient as Independent Learner and Multi-Agent algorithms as a centralized learner. We'll provide working code, and you'll undertake a series of tasks evaluating how different solutions handle problem complexity and efficiency in GPU usage.

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