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Visual Anomaly Detection using NVIDIA Deepstream IoT

Emmanuel Bertrand, Microsoft | Ian Davis, Microsoft | Paul DeCarlo, Microsoft

GTC 2020

In this workshop, you'll discover how to build a solution that can process up to 8 real-time video streams with an AI model on a $100 device, how to remotely operate your device, and demonstrate how you can deploy custom AI models to it. With this solution, you can transform pixels from a camera into insights to know when there is an available parking spot, a missing product on a retail store shelf, an anomaly on a solar panel, a worker approaching a hazardous zone., etc. We'll build this solution using NVIDIA DeepStream on a NVIDIA Jetson Nano device connected to Azure via Azure IoT Edge. DeepStream is a highly-optimized video processing pipeline, capable of running deep neural networks. It is a must-have tool whenever you have complex video analytics requirements like real-time object detection or when employing cascading AI models. IoT Edge gives you the possibility to run this pipeline next to your cameras, where the video data is being generated, thus lowering your bandwidth costs and enabling scenarios with poor internet connectivity or privacy concerns. We'll operate this solution with an aesthetic UI provided by IoT Central and customize the objects detected in video streams using Custom Vision, a service that automatically generates computer vision AI models from pictures.

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