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NetApp AI Control Plane: Full Stack AI Data Management Across the Hybrid Cloud

Mike Oglesby, NetApp | Karthikeyan Nagalingam, NetApp

GTC 2020

Companies and organizations of all sizes and across all industries are turning to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to solve real-world problems, deliver innovative products and services, and to get an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As organizations increase their use of AI, they face many challenges, including workload scalability, difficulty of deployment, and data availability. We'll give an overview of the NetApp AI Control Plane, NetApp's Data Scientist granular full-stack AI data and experiment management solution. We'll present the solution's capabilities, including the ability to rapidly clone a data namespace just as one would a Git Repo, the ability to instantly create AI data and model baselines for traceability and versioning purposes, and the ability to swiftly provision Jupyter workspaces with access to full datasets.

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