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Dell Precision Data Science Workstation for the new era of AI productivity

Kyle Harper, Dell Technologies

GTC 2020

For too long, AI systems have been brittle platforms that data scientists and IT managers spend too much time assembling and fixing, rather than using. That's now a bygone era. Gone are the days or weeks going through trial and error to keep your AI platform working. The Dell Data Science Workstation is ready for AI work the day it arrives. It shreds through your data prep and model training iterations orders of magnitude faster. Hours of iteration time reduce to minutes or seconds. Days reduce to hours. Imagine the greater insights you'll now extract from your data, whether you're infusing AI into health care, business and finance, security, energy, media and entertainment, or manufacturing and engineering. Join us to hear what Dell, NVIDIA, and Canonical are collaborating on for Dell Data Science Workstation to make you data scientists and IT managers more productive and stress-free. These are solutions that can still be roll-your-own, but are enterprise-built and enterprise supported.

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